John L. Amstutz
John L. Amstutz

I was in my senior year at college. I had just received a job offer to work as a physicist at the U.S. Naval Test Station in China Lake, Calif.

During a missions conference at our church, the Lord clearly spoke to me: “Who’s in charge of your life? Will you do what I want you to do, go where I want you to go? Will you do your thing, or My thing?” I had it out with the Lord, and He won!

After graduation, instead of going to China Lake, I went to seminary. While I was in seminary, my pastor, a man of prayer, challenged me to pray for the world. He called my attention to 1 Tim. 2:1-4.

How do you pray for a whole world? He introduced me to a world prayer map from Every Home for Christ. It was updated regularly and listed all the countries of the world and their current leaders, along with guidelines of how to pray. I use these guides to this day. As a result, the Lord gave me His heart for the world. And He has given my wife and me opportunity to serve abroad and travel to many of the countries for which we have prayed.

Prayer + Reflection

  • Feel overwhelmed in praying for the whole world? Talk to the One who died for our world, and ask Him to give you His heart for His world.
  • Do you have neighbors or acquaintances who need the Lord? Begin praying for them by name, show love to them, and ask for opportunities to share Jesus with them.
  • Get to know immigrants from other countries in your community. Hear their stories. Pray, care and share the Good News with them.

is a missions consultant for The Foursquare Church and the author of "Disciples of All Nations" (Foursquare Missions Press).