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Foursquare Convention 2008 in Houston this May will have amended voting procedures that are designed to expedite the progress of business sessions. Voting delegates will no longer be required to sit in a segregated seating area, but will now be voting with color-coded ballots issued exclusively to voters.

Voting delegates will now be issued a sheaf of ballots, and those that pre-register will receive their ballots in advance. Voters will receive a color-coded ballot packet; subsequent conventions will be indicated with a new color each year. Each ballot will be numbered and used for issues where a vote is required. When a vote is called for a particular issue, voters will be told which ballot to use and the correct way to indicate their choices. If a vote is called that requires a show of hands instead of a paper ballot, voters must hold up the colored ballots in order for their votes to be counted.

According to Foursquare bylaw 5.7.A, all voters must be present and there is no voting by proxy. Licensed and ordained ministers as well as designated delegates from chartered Foursquare churches are eligible to vote. Only one sheaf of ballots will be issued to each voter. Lost ballots will not be replaced, and each voter will be asked to print his or her name and hotel on the inside cover of the packet of ballots.

Registered voting delegates that do not receive their ballots with their registration packet by early May should contact the convention office at 877.423.4633. For questions on the new voting procedures, contact the corporate secretary’s office at 213.989.4380.

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