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“What will it be like to get paid full-time to do ministry, which I love, and not have to worry about money? I really thought that that’s how you know you made it.”

Alpha Hayward, senior pastor of Revolution Church (Portland Lents Foursquare Church) in Portland, Ore., makes this honest statement in this new video that highlights his call to bi-vocational ministry in the city of Portland.

Often we can view bi-vocational ministry as a necessary concession—a way to do the work when the funds are not yet available. But the Holy Spirit has better plans than concession. Alpha and Tim Ray, an assisting minister at the church, have learned that, in addition to supplementing income and funding ministry, the auto detailing business Alpha started has provided a space to dream and the flexibility to serve their community.

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is an ordained Foursquare minister and FMI missionary to Great Britain.