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Recently, I met with Foursquare Europe national leaders in Bienenberg, Switzerland. We stood together on a mountaintop and prayed over the nations of Europe—we prayed in the Spirit, and we prayed in our native tongues.

We prayed for the global development of The Foursquare Church that would allow us to synergize our efforts, network our strengths, and release the emerging generations. We asked the Lord to give us breakthroughs in our major cities, as we are keenly attuned to the doors the Lord is opening. As powerful as this mountaintop prayer meeting was, I realized that we desperately need this same touch of God in every nation.

Our theme for The Foursquare Church in 2011, “Accelerate—The Whole Gospel to the Whole World,” is grounded in the book of Acts. I encourage every leader to personally reconnect with the book of Acts and rediscover what God is saying to The Foursquare Church for this season of life in the Spirit. As we immerse ourselves in the book of Acts and together explore our spiritual roots, I believe the Holy Spirit will transform our lives and our world.

I hope that, throughout 2011, our collective reading of the book of Acts will result in passionate prayers being offered to the Lord by Foursquare people in every part of the world.

Pray that leaders will be strengthened and prepared for what God has called them to do. Pray that congregations will re-engage as salt and light in their communities. Pray that people will cry out in surrender to the Lord and do what He tells them to do. Pray that lost and hurting people will find Jesus Christ and His purpose for their lives. Pray that people will be healed and restored.

To help us as we pray, beginning in January, our weekly Foursquare Leader Prayer e-mail will focus on themes from the book of Acts. Written by leaders representing diverse voices within our Foursquare family, these devotionals will help focus our attention each week on what God is saying to us as His church.

In addition, we are encouraging every credentialed minister to read one chapter of Acts each day. That means we will get through all 28 chapters each month, so we will have read the full book of Acts 12 times by the end of the year. Will you pray with me that God will do miraculous things in our movement as we learn together from His timeless Word?

We will gather for Foursquare Connection May 30–June 2 in Columbus, Ohio. That gathering has also been given the theme, “Accelerate—The Whole Gospel to the Whole World.” I believe we will all rejoice because of the significant ways God is responding to our passionate prayer.

I am dedicating the next 12 months to becoming reacquainted with the powerful truth in the book of Acts. I encourage you to join me and allow God’s Word to saturate, penetrate, instruct and convict us.

As we welcome a new year, I can’t wait to discover together, by the power of the Spirit, the Lord’s plan that He will unveil to a church that is unwavering in its pledge to win the world at any cost.

By: Glenn Burris Jr., president of The Foursquare Church

served as the president of The Foursquare Church from 2009-2020.