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In 2004, a fellow missionary and I were participating in a class on Islam under the teaching of a legendary missionary and professor. When it was time for a research project, I was allowed to review hundreds of surveys of Muslims from around the globe that had become followers of Jesus the Christ. I wanted to know what it was that brought them to this faith and how they had come to know Him.

What do you think these surveys said? I figured dreams and visions would be a part of what drew them. Certainly power-encounters would play into this. Perhaps a debate of Bible versus Quran would help some Muslims decide to follow Christ. What was it that saw adherents of Islam become followers of Jesus Christ from all corners of the earth?

The one thing that was on every response in a survey of hundreds of people was the “love of God.” Some specifically detailed the love of God as seen in the life of Jesus Christ. Others told of the love of God as experienced through the lives of present day followers of Jesus Christ. Imagine the incredible stories that were attached to these people’s testimonies.

There has never been a better time for us to demonstrate the love of God to everyone than during this time of such controversy and heated emotion. As over 1 billion inhabitants of the earth are celebrating the feast of Ramadan, may they encounter the love that never fails, the perfect love that casts out fear. It might cost us something, but I pray that the love of God will be clearly expressed through Jesus Christ and His body.

Lamentations 3 teaches that “His mercies are new every morning” and “His compassions never fail.” My compassion runs out daily, but His compassion never runs out.

Prayer Focus: Let’s pray this week that the love of God will shine brightly through us and through Christ’s followers in all the nations of the world.

Ted Vail serves The Foursquare Church as director of Urban and Multicultural Ministries and is the North America area missionary for Foursquare Missions International.

is the senior vice president of global operations for The Foursquare Church.