Randy Remington

I trust that these weeks following the Lenten season have culminated in fresh waves of resurrection life and power in and through you as you serve Jesus and His church. The aliveness of Jesus is our compelling joy and confidence as we stay faithful to our calling and steward our life and transformation in Him.

The journey of serving as president of The Foursquare Church has always been an unexpected privilege. Over these years, I have been humbled to be entrusted to steward, serve and shepherd our movement, and equally so as I consider the possibility of a second term.

When I reflect on the early days of my first term, I didn’t know it would include a global pandemic, a reorg to launch a nationally distributed One Team, a Healthy Culture journey and related initiatives, and the meaningful celebration of our Centennial to commence the next 100 years. But through it all, I see the sovereignty of God, the Lordship of Jesus and the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit beautifully at work. God has been shaping the seen and unseen.

Throughout these significant points of change and challenge, I have sought to foster a listening spirit and be open to growth. Whether it was learning to slow down when it wasn’t easy (i.e., during the reorg) or advocating and empowering more transparency and accountability (i.e., Healthy Culture), the trust you place in me to lead only works because of the trust you and I both have in Him who is head over all things. I realize there is still much work to be done. I believe God has worked through everything we have experienced to position us for where we are today, witnessing the first fruits of a new season.


Willing to serve

I recently communicated my willingness to let my name stand for ratification of a second term as president of The U.S. Foursquare Church. This decision was made in prayerful processing with Sandy, with godly counsel from trusted overseers, and helpful input from a diverse group of leaders in our movement. Serving in this role is a stewardship of trust that I don’t take lightly. I feel this even more so after the Foursquare cabinet’s vote on March 5 to officially recommend me to the convention body (Foursquare Connection) for ratification.

I sincerely believe that I’m to let my name stand for ratification because there is unfinished work to be done, and the continuity in leadership could serve us well. There is still a sense of purpose in my heart, and the momentum we are experiencing and building upon fills me with faith, hope and expectation for what God will yet do. Although I believe I’m to let my name stand for ratification, I realize the decision is not mine alone. Our process will be the final determiner. This is not a “me” decision, it is a “we” decision, and I’m at peace with our process and trust God with the outcome.

The prospect of another term energizes me, and I am sober about the challenges before the church in this incredible window of time. The need for integrity in leadership, an embodied gospel, and a counter-cultural and prophetic witness to our world is compelling. These coming years could bring unprecedented cultural change, spiritual opposition and pressures to the church. However, we view them as opportunities for the power of the gospel to be proclaimed and demonstrated in personal, community and world-changing ways. Jesus is building His church, so we are encouraged about the future because our faith is exclusively placed in Him.

As we wade into an unknown future with a known Savior, we can keep contending for a united, agile and adaptive Foursquare Church—anchored in our identity—an integrated, multiethnic, inter-generational family of Jesus-followers unique in our heritage, Global Distinctives, Four-Stage missiology, doctrine and relationships. This is Foursquare!


“As we approach the ratification decision, I ask you to partner with me in prayer for the Lord’s will to be revealed. My commitment to who we are and where we are headed remains steadfast, whether as president or simply as your friend and fellow servant in the gospel.” —Randy Remington, president of The Foursquare Church (U.S.)


Discipleship: Hubs of spiritual formation 

For a second-term focus, I see a growing culture of discipleship in our Foursquare churches and communities. A culture where courage triumphs over fear, enabling us to face insurmountable challenges with indomitable faith (Josh. 1:9). A culture where joy surpasses weariness, infusing our calling and service to Jesus with a spirit of gladness (Neh. 8:10). A culture where growth replaces stagnation, encouraging continuous learning and spiritual maturation (Eph. 4:15). And a culture where obedience to Jesus directs our energies and not drivenness, urgency or even well-intended pursuits— “to obey is better than sacrifice” (1 Sam. 15:22, NIV). The work of discipleship is continual.

I see a Foursquare movement where churches are hubs of spiritual formation—not through centralized curricula, but through Christ-centered culture—where disciples and leaders are deeply formed in the character of Christ for ministry everywhere. In this next season, we will keep our priorities of prayer, health, together and discipleship, and continue to strengthen our connectedness in relationship and collaboration as we focus on:

  • Training + sending more planters (e.g., churches, missionary workers, chaplains) to take the gospel to new spaces and places.
  • More pastors resourced and equipped to lead thriving churches and movements.
  • Empowering a rising generation of future leaders. (I believe discipleship is the key to the next generation.)


More and growing leaders together on mission

This vision arises from Jesus’ words in Matthew 9:35-38 and compels me to let my name stand for a second term. It is a vision not born out of personal ambition but of a sincere desire to see our movement thrive in its unique calling—our identity and mission—as we fulfill our kingdom purposes. I believe our collective efforts in prayer-fueled discipleship (local church, district, national, global) can lead to more transformation.

As we approach the ratification decision, I ask you to partner with me in prayer for the Lord’s will to be revealed. My commitment to who we are and where we are headed remains steadfast, whether as president or simply as your friend and fellow servant in the gospel. I am committed to Jesus, The Foursquare Church and my calling, regardless of role or title. I am honored to continue this journey with you, embracing the challenges and opportunities with faith, hope and love.

Your prayers, support and partnership in the gospel are meaningful to me as we pursue a future marked by deepened discipleship, unwavering faith and a relentless commitment to the Spirit-empowered mission of Jesus Christ.

is president of The Foursquare Church (U.S.).