The Gaylord Opryland Resort + Convention Center

The Foursquare movement will come together in Nashville, Tenn., on Memorial Day for Foursquare Connection 2019. The heartbeat of the city, known throughout the world as the hub for country and Christian music alike, keeps time with the nonstop music coming from most any honky-tonk or coffee shop, not to mention plenty of music venues large and small.

But if there is one show-stopping location in Nashville, it’s the Gaylord Opryland Resort + Convention Center. Yep, the very location of our Foursquare shindig.

It’s hard to explain in words what a hotel that houses 9 acres of indoor gardens feels like. But it’s something that’s worth experiencing. What a treat that the Foursquare movement is set to have some extended family time at this delightful location, stocked and ready with 15 restaurants and 14 retail shops, not to mention a brand-new water park that everyone in the family will be sure to enjoy.

But can I suggest allowing yourself to just wander through the expansive indoor gardens, waterfalls and gazebos? Allow time to get lost, then plan your path to the coffee shop, sushi stop or burger joint of choice.

Adjacent to the sprawling hotel is the Opry Mills Mall, the lunch/dinner cruise General Jackson Showboat and the not-to-be missed Grand Ole Opry. If you splurge on one thing while in Nashville, it’s worth staying an extra day to see one of the 7 p.m. performances dating back to 1925.

Enjoy the expansive indoor gardens

And while our location is certainly grand, what truly brings our Foursquare crew together from around the world is our annual convention. Running into old friends from camp, meeting a new friend who offers to pray for you, learning how ministry is done in different cities or contexts—the wonder of being together is irreplaceable.

This year’s mainstage lineup is jam-packed, with Foursquare pastors and friends of Foursquare alike teaching, guiding and challenging us. There will also be a special time of prayer and worship on Wednesday night with worship group Jesus Culture.

As a family, we’ll elect a new Foursquare president together. This president will take office in September 2020, but will begin shadowing our current president, Glenn Burris Jr., as early as September 2019. During convention, there will be time to ask the president-elect questions, and possibly even meet them face-to-face!

Be refreshed at Connection 2019

We’ll also leave time in the afternoon for personal growth through workshops. These shorter, smaller sessions are sure to leave you wanting more. So, we’ve made time for folks to be able to attend two separate sessions.

Whatever the reason that compels you to make it to Nashville, it’s the right one. It might be attending Conexión Hispana, meeting one of our many missionaries at the Foursquare Missions International reception, hanging out at the Young Leaders Mixer or taking the time to connect with the Foursquare board of directors.

Our convention and communications team works year-round to plan this special event, and we hope you’ll meet us in Nashville. We know you’ll leave changed, and it won’t be only because of the drool-worthy biscuits or the fried chicken.


Editor’s Note: Our Foursquare Connection hotel room block at the Gaylord Opryland Resort is currently full. We are working to add more hotel options on the Foursquare Connection website. You can also fill out this form if you would like to be notified if more rooms at the Opryland Resort or nearby Opryland Inn become available.

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    1. Hello Luann,
      Yes, the convention hotel is currently full. You can visit and get more information on a few other hotels we have available. You can also add yourself to the Opryland Resort waiting list and we can contact you if any rooms open up.

  1. Sounds like an amazing venue!! Do they have motorized carts or motorized chairs of some sort available to rent for those of us Forerunners who cannot walk more than a short block?

    1. Hello Mary,
      I’m not sure if the hotel has a service like that, you will have to check directly with the hotel, but there is a set of rooms specifically for ForeRunners that have been reserved that are close to the convention center. If you contact your district ForeRunner rep, they should have the information.

    1. Hello David,
      You will have to look at the cost of flights from Nigeria to Nashville, but the cost for the registration for our international guests is $179.00.

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