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During the school year, our church participates in Awana, which is a fabulous program designed to help children memorize and learn Scripture. As the summer months began to approach and I prayed about what the Lord would have us do, I remembered some of the fondest moments in my childhood.

I loved learning about Foursquare. I imagined myself as Aimee Semple McPherson preaching the Word. Now and then I would even sing “Preach the Word,” one of the most famous songs she had written.

So, in preparation for the summer, I dedicated the month of May to learning about Foursquare. Once the classes started, each week we would look at a Foursquare symbol and the corresponding color, and learn about our history and our Lord.

On the last week, we were talking about Jesus as the Soon-Coming King. Four new students were in attendance. I thought it would be best to backtrack so they wouldn’t be lost, so we talked about Jesus being our Savior, Healer and Baptizer with the Holy Spirit. Their eyes were huge with amazement.

As I continued with Jesus being our Soon-Coming King, I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to ask if anyone would want to ask Jesus to come into his or her heart.

Immediately, all four children shot their hands straight up in the air! I asked, “Do you want to ask Jesus into your heart?” One young girl replied: “Yes, yes! Why wouldn’t I?” The look she gave me was as though I had asked if she wanted a million dollars!

“Why wouldn’t I?”—a phrase I repeated to myself over and over. I have served in youth ministry for six years and have never had that response. It was lovely, beautiful and sacred.

I saw the purest form of childlike faith that night, the faith that can move mountains, heal the sick and love this world. The faith I pray for every day.

By: Lynn Cooper, children’s pastor at Life (Decatur Foursquare Church) in Decatur, Ill.

is assisting minister at Life (Decatur Foursquare Church) in Decatur, Ill.