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Tammy Dunahoo

In the October issue of Foursquare Leader, we addressed a topic that I am very passionate about because I firmly believe that it is the core principle of the mission of the church to make disciples.

It is the first Missional Objective of our catalytic efforts and is, therefore, a key focus of Foursquare. It is seeing every person as created in the image of God with capacity, gifts and purpose, and partnering with one another to fulfill God’s intention for each one. All of this is encompassed in leadership development.

I am convinced that, if we become a “deliberately developmental” community where we make the health and formation of leaders our highest priority, then our other two Missional Objectives (church transformation, church and congregation multiplication) will follow. Imagine what can happen when your church is creating a culture of strong, healthy, multiplying disciples and leaders.

I say this because I believe it is in the heart of every leader to become everything God intended, and to accomplish all He has assigned. I also believe we do this best in a community that loves, believes in, equips and challenges one another to do so.

When people who answer God’s call are well equipped to fulfill His plan, church transformation and multiplication will be the result. It can happen exponentially when we do it together!

Spiritual leadership means that women and men humbly and boldly accept responsibility for the call and capacity given to them by God, for the sake of others. It means investing in yourself as an act of stewardship. Leadership development, then, is formation over a lifetime that shapes hearts, minds and hands to effectively fulfill God’s design. It’s all-encompassing.

Because it is a lifetime endeavor, to engage it well we must value lifelong learning, growing and transformation. I invite you to spend some deliberate time in the pages of Foursquare Leader, learning from fellow ministers who are on this journey together.

Find Development Opportunities

Your district is here to help you develop as a leader. Download Foursquare’s education directory, and get plugged into what your district is doing.

Download the Education Directory

Read These Books

Interested in developing as a Foursquare leader? Tammy Dunahoo recommends these three books.

The Emotionally Healthy Leader

by Peter Scazzero
Attend to your own soul first because you can’t grow spiritually beyond what you have grown emotionally.

Staying Power

by Ken Roberts
Every Foursquare leader should read this book to help prevent ministry burnout.

Identity Keystones

by Sam Rockwell
Gateway District Supervisor Sam Rockwell and a team of Foursquare leaders wrote this book on what makes us Foursquare. Available on Amazon.

is the former general supervisor of The Foursquare Church. She now serves as the dean at Portland Seminary.


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