“Women in your congregation are waiting to do something big for God. They just need permission,” Lisa Bevere said at Foursquare Connection 2019 in Nashville, Tenn.

For too long, Lisa shared, men and women have been fighting between themselves when we ought to be working together. She explained how “dominion” from Gen. 1:26 has turned into domination on the man’s part and manipulation on the woman’s part.

“Jesus died to restore dominion,” she added. “Our Lord came through the womb of a woman, and we were healed by the wounds of a man.”

Lisa’s message is a must-hear for every person who answers questions about the cultural struggle between men and women in ministry leadership. Rather than criticizing, Lisa said women and men should take up Acts 2 and join forces to prophesy hope, faith, strength and resources to the hurting and broken in our world.

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