Several scholars, including Pastor Jerry Dirmann from The Rock, a Foursquare church in Anaheim, Calif., provide a comprehensive review of women in ministry leadership in both the Old and New Testament. Discover the weight of scriptural evidence that supports the empowerment and release of women in ministry leadership. The topic at hand also provides a powerful case study to approach the Bible with solid and healthy hermeneutics.

In Episode 2 in the “Women in Ministry Leadership” series, the teaching team looks directly at Paul’s prohibitions. Why did Paul write these words? What should the church do with these words? Join the journey to find answers to these important and valid questions. This discussion occurs with the highest value on looking at the Word of God with integrity. Listen and decide for yourself how to approach these words.

Prophetic anointing provides the backdrop to the conclusion of the “Women in Ministry Leadership” series. This final session offers hope to women but also to the church at large. When this conversation can be fully understood, the church can begin to focus on the harvest. The holistic approach of this session invites men and women alike to realize in Christ they are destined to greatness.