As the biological daughter of a drug abuser, “a whole lot of people had done me some dirt,” said pastor, educator, wife and mother Chanda Crutcher at Foursquare Connection 2019 in Nashville Tenn. Chanda knew she needed help to deal with her past, but following the pathways of self-help put her on a “crazy train,” she shared.

Chanda learned from her adoptive parents what family looks like. She pursued a deeper relationship with Jesus and discovered how to help others find a true legacy of restoration. “God gets the glory when we give Him our story,” she said.

Wounded people and those who serve them will benefit from Chanda’s call to action. “There is a war in this world between righteous and wretched,” Chanda shared. “When we understand how to be an ambassador for Christ, the perspective of restoration becomes much clearer.”

This message explains how to begin.

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