If we don’t respond to God’s commissioning to take the gospel to others, He may find it necessary to disperse us to fulfill His mission. That’s how Nate Poetzl summarized a “scattered” theological perspective in biblical history at The Foursquare Church’s North Pacific District Fall Conference in 2019 in Bend, Ore.

“God is determined that human beings engage the world that He placed them in,” said Pastor Nate. Often, that means giving up what we find comfortable in order to engage with people who are different. Nate illustrated in the Bible God’s deep desire for each of us to be “scattered” to the culture around us.

Pastors and ministry leaders must guard their personal discipleship with Jesus so they will remain pliable and available to answer the Great Commission, shared Nate. Jesus nurtured leaders with the specific intention that they would go and replicate what He did and say what He said.

“When we do,” Nate says, “we will restore healing and bring change wherever we go.”