At Foursquare Connection 2019 in Nashville, Tenn., Pastor Clayton Robinson shared how doctors warned his daughter Kathleen and her husband, Michael, that their third child might not survive pregnancy. Kathleen and Michael were advised to have an abortion. Pastor Clayton said if the child survived, doctors guaranteed she would be handicapped.

The baby did survive the birth, but her arms were too short, and she wore newborn-sized clothes at seven months old.

“Jesus, you can heal my baby,” Kathleen whispered, holding her little girl close during a worship service. “Arms, grow in the name of Jesus,” Kathleen prayed. From the oversized sleeves, Kathleen shared that she saw the baby’s arms begin to grow. “Lord, do it again,” the young mother pressed. Once again, Kathleen watched as her baby’s arms pushed forth, a miracle later confirmed by her doctors.

Clayton’s testimony is a call to faith for miracles that will inspire people everywhere to speak to brokenness and infirmity with expectation. God still performs miracles.

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