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“The organization may change. The movement may change. But don’t mess with the message. It is Jesus!”

Harold Helms, who served for many years as senior pastor of Angelus Temple (Angelus Temple Foursquare Church) in Los Angeles, and as interim president of The Foursquare Church, spoke those emphatic words at Connection 2010.

Six years later, during an interview at Connection 2016 in Honolulu, he shared with President Glenn Burris Jr. that he has great hope for our movement. “I’ve never been more encouraged about the future of The Foursquare Church than I am today,” he stated.

The interview was a perfect blend of the legendary minister’s humor and gravity, with a liberal infusing of gratitude for all that God has done and continues to do through our Foursquare family and leaders.

Watch the full conversation online, and consider the wisdom and exhortation of a man who has faithfully served through the ebb and flow of our movement’s history.

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