In a message recorded live during The Foursquare Church’s North Pacific District Fall Conference in Bend, Ore., Pastor Keith Jenkins challenged each leader to identify young leaders who will be their “sons and daughters” in future generations. Keith pointed to the 20-year relationship between Timothy and Paul as the model for reproducing leadership.

Keith then encouraged young leaders to live a life of integrity as Timothy did and to learn from elders how to develop character that sets them apart. And, Keith exhorted, elders must step up and applaud the next generation of leaders.

“There is no dishonor in allowing young leaders to pass us,” Keith said. He believes Moses’ greatest act of courage wasn’t standing up to Pharaoh or leading God’s people through the wilderness for 40 years. Instead, Keith says, it was when Moses identified and released Joshua to be the next leader of Israel.

“All of us ought to view our role as interim,” Keith concluded. Someone will follow us in the race. Elders who finish well are those who choose to support, equip and celebrate the next generation.