Oneya Okuwobi, the founder of a TranscendCulture, a ministry focusing on church diversity, wants to know if we are scattering the seed of the gospel or “safeguarding” it in the storehouses of the church. And she wants to know if we have “sowers” in our churches who have not fully been trusted to plant that seed.

In this message, recorded live during The Foursquare Church’s North Pacific District Fall 2019 Conference in Bend, Ore., Oneya pointed to people in Acts 8 who were scattered and ultimately shared the gospel throughout the known world. She said these scattered believers were the least likely people to become global evangelists.

Oneya exhorted leaders to consider whether all believers under their care have been fully trusted to scatter the seed. Her articulate and kind-hearted reminders will resonate with open-minded leaders who have a genuine passion to experience a fully developed spiritual harvest.

“Find someone that God is calling you to step aside for,” Oneya said. An unimaginable harvest is possible, but only if we will develop sowers who will get the seed out of the barn and into the ground, said Oneya.