Pat and Mindy Crowder have humorous stories to tell about how they maintain a healthy lifestyle. In this QuickTalk, recorded live during Foursquare Connection 2019 in Nashville, Tenn., they take on the topic of physical fitness, reminding pastors of the need to live whole, sustainable lives in ministry.

“Turning the dial” on health and wholeness begins with time connecting with our Heavenly Father, they say. Reminding ourselves that we are children of God is the basis of emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.

Then, Pat and Mindy speak about how they share regular Sabbath breaks together, riding bikes and spending time communicating about life and wholeness. Each January the couple chooses a different monastery for a three-day Sabbath retreat, where they set aside normal routines to reconnect and focus on their relationship with God and each other for the new year.

Every leader with interest in longevity in ministry and wholeness in their relationships will benefit from this inspirational and candid look at health and fitness.

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