The Foursquare Connection 2024 convention body celebrated the ratification of President Randy Remington this evening. Randy will now serve a second term as president, beginning on Sept. 1, 2025. 

Adam Davidson, who serves as the VP of administrative operations and corporate secretary, announced this evening that 89% of the votes were in favor of Randy serving a second term. A 75% minimum is required by the Foursquare bylaws for ratification to pass. The annual convention is being held this week at the Gaylord National Resort + Convention Center in National Harbor, Md. 

“We feel the weight of the trust you have given us in this hour,” Randy said, standing before the convention body with his wife, Sandy. “I will stay at the feet of Jesus. I will attune my ear to his voice.”

In early March, the Foursquare cabinet recommended ratifying Randy for a second term. In announcing the decision, Adam said the action reflected leaders’ collective affirmation in Pastor Randy’s spiritual direction, servant leadership, commitment and alignment with the mission of The Foursquare Church. 

 “I will strive with everything in me to have us be a unified church that is made up so beautifully of every tongue, tribe and nation,” concluded Randy before members of the board of directors came on stage to pray over his assignment as president. “We are going all in on what Jesus has called us to do.” 

Randy’s first term continues for another 15 months as Foursquare’s bylaws state that Foursquare ministers and delegates vote on the presidency a year in advance. Before assuming the office in 2020, Foursquare’s seventh president spent an interim year observing former President Glenn Burris Jr. to prepare for the position.  

Foursquare’s priorities + future

The ratification affirms the prayerfully considered plans that Randy put in place at the start of his first term. This included the Four Priorities of prayer, discipleship, pastoral health and church unity.

This spring, in expressing his willingness to serve another term, the former lead pastor of Beaverton Foursquare Church in Oregon noted the profound changes that followed his election. In addition to leading through a global pandemic, Randy oversaw district consolidation and the reorganization of corporate departments into a distributed One Team located throughout the U.S. and globally, as well as the priority of creating the Healthy Culture initiative. In addition, Randy was part of a celebration of the Foursquare Centennial in 2023 that reflected on Foursquare’s rich history as well as launched the movement into the next 100 years. 

Looking to the future, Randy says that the prospect of another term energizes him, noting that he senses there is “unfinished work to be done” in Foursquare. Acknowledging there are further challenges ahead, and that the coming years could bring unprecedented cultural change, spiritual opposition and pressures on the church, Randy says such obstacles should not deter the Foursquare family from fulfilling our mission. “The need for integrity in leadership, an embodied gospel, and a counter-cultural and prophetic witness to our world is compelling.” 

He adds: “Jesus is building His church, so we are encouraged about the future because our faith is exclusively placed in Him.”

Unfinished business

Randy said that during his first term, he sought to foster a listening spirit and be open to growth, whether that meant slowing down when it wasn’t easy or advocating and empowering more transparency and accountability. He said the trust others place in him to lead only works because of the trust “you and I both have” in Him who is over everything. 

Randy said he let his name stand for ratification because “There is still a sense of purpose in my heart, and the momentum we are experiencing and building upon fills me with faith, hope and expectation for what God will yet do.” 

Randy is joined in his journey by Sandy, his wife of 35 years. They have three adult sons: Joseph, Sam and Thomas.