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Taking tax collectors, cowards, vengeful fishermen, murderers, misfits and other assorted members of the motley crew that formed the first church, Christ turned shame into joy, fear into peace, and broken lives into holy vessels that poured more of Him into the people and cultures they inhabited and invested into.All over the world, small miracles of grace-fueled transformation are happening, and it begins with having our eyes open to see the image of God in every human being.

The overlooked and the outcasts are beloved by God, and so we, the church, must be awakened to see the dignity and value in every face we encounter.

Tammy Toft, who with her husband, Brett, serves with Foursquare Missions International (FMI) in Estonia, helps lead The Butterfly Project, which serves women who have been sexually exploited through prostitution and helps them transition out from that industry.

Both through the external work of a makeover and assistance in finding a professional job, and through the profound internal work of restoring dignity and worth to these women, The Butterfly Project is leading women who have been stripped of their value as people back to the One who paid the ultimate price to secure their eternal inheritance. Jesus is at the center of this work, and it is through both implicit and explicit gospel work that lives are being transformed.

Who have you overlooked? Sometimes, we are utterly unaware of our prejudices and blindness. But the Holy Spirit sees every person in your city—and He is ready to give you new vision to transform lepers into leaders and dropouts into disciple-makers.

Watch the short QuickTalk presentation that Tammy gave at Foursquare Connection 2014 in Dallas to learn how Jesus is using her to touch and transform the people in her community.

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