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Missional people x multiplying churches = missional movement. If fulfilling the Great Commission is our goal, then Dave Ferguson would point out that we must be planting more churches and releasing more people into mission.

To fulfill the kind of vision Ferguson has for reaching Chicago, it will take a lot more than one large church to reach the city. As cities expand globally, we need to be ready to dream bigger, and creatively.

For Ferguson, stepping out in faith took an affirming conversation that he could indeed fulfill the dream God was giving him for Chicago. That dream involved releasing leaders into every suburb of the city. It isn’t a sensible dream, but it is the kind of dream God would speak into the hearts of His children. But we will never see these dreams fulfilled in our lives if we never start to move.

Foursquare is intentionally raising and releasing leaders into risk as we pursue cities and nations. To reach every tribe and tongue, we are going to need to release a lot more mission-minded people.

While we can continue to send out the first stage of workers—Stage 1: Disciples (Pioneer) in Foursquare’s Four-Stage Model—those workers will need to make disciples, who become leaders, who plant churches and who send more people out in contextual movements that fulfill the mission: reaching lost people with the Good News.

Not all of us are planting in urban centers, but everyone can learn essential leadership multiplication strategies from Ferguson’s Foursquare Connection 2014 keynote session.

From the necessity of apprenticeship, to when to launch leaders, to empowering every member of Christ’s church for ministry, we need to grow in the deliberate ways of multiplying churches and releasing missional people in our own communities.

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