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As the church has re-centered on the primacy of discipleship as our way of life, there is a danger that we can professionalize or over-systematize the way we reach and raise people as followers of Jesus.

Have you ever had the experience of reading a great book on evangelism and discipleship, the book you just knew would change your life in ministry, only to have all the wind taken out of your sails when you tried to put things into practice?That’s because, all too often, materials are written on the circumstances, not the principles. Studying and learning from one another are great gifts, but there are times when we become keenly aware of how God’s wisdom utterly overshadows our efforts.

Luis Molina, senior pastor of Woodburn Foursquare Church in Woodburn, Ore., experienced the way multiplication is fueled by obedient availability. In this QuickTalk, recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2014 in Dallas, Luis shares the specific circumstances that evidence the principles we can all embody.
Telling the story of God using him to mentor athletes at his son’s school, Luis shows how his efforts in prayer, and a heart for his city, resulted in the school asking him to mentor their football team after proving himself in serving the basketball team.
Though he didn’t share the gospel overtly at first, opportunities abounded to speak on faith and virtues. This resulted in improved student results and, more important, in discipleship of young people in the midst of their own contexts.Multiplication may be a slow process, but one soul at a time, Luis is seeing the dream of his heart become a reality. Every dream that God has given to us, individually and corporately, requires faithful obedience and situational availability for us to experience the powerful work of God in our lives and communities.

Watch this video to hear the full story from Luis Molina, and ask God how the principles can encourage you to see dreams realized.

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