Jaewin Gonsalves is not defined by the time he spent in prison or his former life as a “career” criminal. The local prosecutor who once called him “the neighbor from hell” now calls Jaewin his brother and his pastor.

In this personal testimony recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2019 in Nashville, Tenn., Jaewin describes how God transformed his life and restored his family. He tells how his mother prayed for his salvation, and how God protected his wife and children during the darkest period of his family’s life.

Jaewin says a Foursquare pastor invested in him when there was no logical reason to expect a return. Because the pastor obeyed, Jaewin’s family is whole, and Jaewin’s testimony is winning people from all walks of life to faith in Christ.

The challenge in this testimony is for Christians to listen to the Holy Spirit when He calls us to reach people who seem beyond hope.

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