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The Foursquare Church in Mexico has experienced exponential growth in its church numbers during the past five years and ignited Christ-focused passion in its people. New Foursquare churches are flourishing, and regions nationwide are benefitting from biblical training institutes, care centers and community-based evangelism. As José Manuel Sanchez, president of The Foursquare Church of Mexico, says, “God is moving in different places.”

Those places include restorative centers, where many people are experiencing transformation firsthand as they recover from drug and alcohol abuse, and gang violence.

“They come here destroyed, and God transforms them,” affirms Juan Muzquiz, district supervisor of the Pacific District in Mexico. These redeemed men then take the gospel message back to their homes and communities.

In a nation with 113 million people—80 percent of whom are under age 29—revival has come. Most important, it’s arrived through Mexico’s youth.

Mike Carey, lead missionary for Foursquare Missions International in Mexico, reports: “This generation is different. … We are seeing God use them, and their dreams are surpassing what we could have ever imagined.”

As energetic young people extend hope to their generation, they are reaching out to others and creating communities in which they can serve God together.

Watch this video to discover how young adults in Mexico, with support from past generations and a renewed outlook, are participating in the Foursquare mission and transforming lives, communities and their country for the Lord.

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