As The Foursquare Church presents the presidential inauguration of Randy Remington, at Angelus Temple in Los Angeles, Calif., May 31, 2020, we pray this blessing over our church and the people of the world. The Lord Himself speaks blessing over you, your family, the Church and future generations. His Scripture reveals His desires for you and for the Foursquare family. May His favor be upon you. May His blessing reach into every corner of your heart so that future generations may experience His glory. May God be with you.

The following worship leaders contributed to this video:

Teresa Davis
Mandy Holden
Jaci Uttech
Lindsey Arcaro
Onesimo Coa
Benji + Jennifer Horning
Andrea Orozco
Kim Dominguez
Jim Ranger
Mady Schwandtt
Cami Bradley
JeRae McCoy
Ashely Barr
Richie Cayabyab
Rayshelle Edmunds
Selomit Ventura
Gabriela Segura
Kelly Coffey
Hannah Moreno
Katie Holman
Mark Jones
Nancy Fonseca
Halle Bebee
Alex Espinoza
Mario Adriel Ortiz
Tiffany Thurston
Imua Garza