More than 5,200 people came together for Foursquare Connection 2023, held in Anaheim, Calif., this week, including 763 children and students. At the center of the May 28-June 1 event was the celebration of Foursquare’s centennial year, which gathered leaders from 61 countries and all 50 states.

Monday’s session opened with a special retrospective, celebrating Foursquare’s history, all with an original score and historical Foursquare photos and videos rarely seen.

“This is our hour, Foursquare,” proclaimed Wendy Nolasco during the opening session. “That we would take our rightful place and contribute to the kingdom and to the bride of Jesus what is ours uniquely to do.”

In addition to Wendy, the general sessions were filled with encouragement from Aaron Hunter, Joe Wittwer, Denny Truett, Kimberly Dirmann and Yo Masui. Powerful times of worship, including a Wednesday morning session that exclusively included worship and prayer, were led by Evan Craft, Brandon Woods, Eric Diaz, and The Young + Marc Wymore.

There was also plenty of time for seeing friends and making new ones at the Welcome Celebration and food track rally on Monday night, the young adults gathering on Wednesday, and even on the tour buses that took Foursquare friends on a pilgrimage to Life Pacific University, Foursquare Missions Press, The Parsonage of Aimee Semple McPherson and Angelus Temple.

Angelus Temple also hosted the Global Summit on Pentecost Sunday before the official Foursquare Connection festivities kicked off. The event brought together national leaders and other Foursquare global leaders, as well us missionaries and local U.S. church pastors and leaders. It was a memorable time of worship, intentional prayer and celebrating all that God is doing through Foursquare globally.

“This is a room filled with men and women of all ages of all over the world who are committed to the very task that our founder proclaimed about a 100 years ago,” said President Randy Remington as he welcomed more than 1,000 attendees that represented 50+ nations. “We are committed to a singular assignment which is to make the name of Jesus known throughout the world. We do that together [through the] power of the Holy Spirit.”

Wednesday evening celebrated Foursquare Missions International, with a special video highlighting how Foursquare has been expanding in Turkey over the past decade. Previously an unreached nation, Foursquare is now the largest Protestant church in Turkey. A special offering was taken to accelerate the mission of reaching unreached people groups. Foursquare gave generously, with more than $126,000 now earmarked to fund projects and partnerships focused on bringing the gospel message to the unreached.

Foursquare business was also conducted, and the routine bylaw amendments were ratified by the convention body. The Presidential Selection Process did not pass, so the current presidential selection bylaws will remain in effect while the board task force continues to process feedback from the convention body for possible revisions. To learn more about Foursquare’s business process, visit, where the updated bylaws will soon be available.

In addition, the convention body was informed of significant updates that Foursquare has made toward a healthier culture. While monthly email updates have been sent throughout the past year, the opportunity to update convention attendees in person on the new handbook for responding to clergy misconduct as well as allow for comments and questions proved invaluable. Another significant update: Beginning in January, an independent third-party call center will be available by phone or online to facilitate incident reports from any Foursquare constituents. Stay up to date at

The time together closed with another special multimedia celebration that reminded every leader that they are part of Foursquare’s future.

Next year, the Foursquare tribe will gather in National Harbor, Md., right on the Potomac River and a short drive/Metro ride/water taxi ride to Washington, D.C. Learn more about Foursquare Connection 2024, to be held May 27-30, 2024, and sign up for email updates.