We have answers to your most frequently asked questions about the brand-new Foursquare Hub 2.0. Review this helpful list of videos to learn how to:

  • Reset your password
  • Look up a church
  • Look up an individual
  • Remit extension tithe + restricted donations
  • Prepare + edit an FMCR report

Still have questions? Reach out to your district for assistance.

FAQ’s about The Hub 2.0

Where do I login into The Hub 2.0? Login here.

What features of The Hub are currently available?
As of April 1, 2023, all new FMCR data and church payments should be entered into The Hub 2.0, which is now operating on the Salesforce platform.

What additional features will be available in the future?
You will see expanded options in the reports menu in the coming weeks.  Most of the same reports that were available in the previous version of The Hub will be available in the new system, along with several new reports that will be helpful for church leaders.

When will historical data from the previous database be visible?
The data migration will be happening progressively over the month of April. Different data sets will be migrated in a planned sequence, and this information will become visible once the migration is complete. While there are certain types of old data that will not be visible in the new system, all of the historical data has been archived and will be available for queries in the near future.

Where do I pay for my 2022 ministers credential renewal?
2022 renewals are being facilitated through the former system.  For assistance with a 2022 renewal or license reactivation, please reach out to your district office. The renewal process for 2023 will begin in the fall and will be facilitated through The Hub 2.0

Who do I contact if my permissions need to be updated?
Please get in touch with your district office to ensure that your ministry appointment is current and that you have the correct permissions.

What do I do if I’m still having trouble logging in?
If you continue to have trouble logging in after reviewing these FAQ’s, reach out to your district team.

Who do I contact if I need technical support?
If you continue to have technical difficulties after reviewing these FAQ’s, reach out to The Hub team.

Some users have experienced an error when establishing their initial password. Where do I go if I am having trouble?
The errors have been related to internet browser security settings. The quick fix is to copy and paste the password reset URL directly into your browser instead of clicking the link. If you are still having trouble, please email TheHub@foursquare.org and one of the team members can quickly assist you.

After entering both the missional and financial sections on the Foursquare monthly church report (FMCR), how do I get a printable copy?
There has been a delay associated with the report generation tool that is currently being addressed. The printable PDF display of your FMCR will be available very soon. A menu option will appear so you can generate this report.

On the new FMCR design, there are no specific lines for “missions expense.” Where should I log these expenses in the new report?
Expenditures for missions that come from donor-restricted missions should be included in the field for “donor restricted expenses.” Any missions-related expenditures from unrestricted general funds should be logged under “ministry expenses.”  More detail about your total annual missions expenditures (from all fund sources) will be requested in the December report.

On the new FMCR design, there are no specific lines for “administrative expense.” Where should I log these expenses in the new report?
Expenditures for administration can be included in “other expenses.”

Do I need to include the value of physical assets on the new FMCR?
No, the new report only asks for information about liquid assets (bank accounts and monetary investments).

In Hub 1.0, many churches were accustomed to reporting the extension tithe payment associated with the previous month’s income in the current month’s Foursquare Monthly Church Report. Is this acceptable?
No. It was necessary to adjust the FMCR reporting process during the system transition. Previously, some churches used the “cash basis” reporting method in The Hub 1.0 system, reporting the extension tithe as an expense in the month it was paid (i.e., calculated from the preceding month’s income) rather than reporting the extension tithe due for the current month. By contrast, many churches have used the “accrual method,” recording the extension tithe due as a bill to be paid at month’s end, thus reflecting it as an expense in the financial statements before the payment is distributed. The accrual method provides a more precise financial statement, which is used for all financial statements audited for compliance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Standardizing how all churches report their extension tithe using the accrual method is preferable because it aligns the tithe expense with the tithable income for the same period. It also makes it much easier for churches to reconcile their eligibility for missional investment funding (i.e., extension tithe return). Going forward, The Hub 2.0 will offer a missional investment funding eligibility report, which will use the FMCR reports to list the tithable income for each month of the year, along with the extension tithe due for that month and whether or not the payment has been processed. This report will make it easier for church leaders to reconcile their church’s eligibility at a glance.

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