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Tammy Dunahoo shares at Connection 2015

Have you ever tried to tie your shoes with one hand? You might eventually form the semblance of a knot, but your shoe-tying will likely be neither excellent nor efficient. How about sprinting with one foot? Competing against bipeds is going to be a challenge. Operating at half capacity is hard, ineffective and unsustainable.

So why would we try to fulfill the Great Commission harvest at one quarter capacity? Though we recognize the empowering, gifting and calling of all people on paper, we often fail to practice that ideal. Men work in the fields of harvest, but the place for women, youth and children is often dismissed or diminished. A workforce of one quarter means we will miss a lot of fruit, and in the kingdom, fruit matters.

Addressing the Foursquare family at Foursquare Connection 2015 in Anaheim, Calif., General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo shared a vision of a prophetic community that engages all people, without the impediment of age or gender. It isn’t a gender agenda—it’s a harvest agenda.

Watch her Connection 2015 talk, “Everyone Is Sent,” and learn how we can be a complete prophetic community that communicates Christ, operates with wisdom in the times, and is known as a friend of sinners, sharing Good News to all.

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