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Summer camps can change a nation. There are seeds planted, that when cultivated over time in the Word, the Spirit and amidst the body of Christ, can bear fruit that drops across the boundaries of people groups.

Such is the story of Dick Scott. From summer camp, to college, to language schools, to living as an international missionary—the work of cultivation was intense, and has taken decades of labor. But during Foursquare Connection 2014 in Dallas, we celebrated the culmination of a life of work translating the Word of God into the native tongue of a tribe in the jungles of Panama.

God calls us into work that is far beyond our resources. Perhaps you have experienced such a call and are hesitating. Or maybe you are in the midst of the journey but have faced some seemingly insurmountable roadblock.

We worship the God who knows the end from the beginning. We worship the God who is faithful to finish what He has promised. We serve the God who takes our setbacks as an opportunity to show His strength.

As Dick recalls, in this interview recorded live at Connection 2014, when he told the Lord that He didn’t know what He was doing, the Lord responded: “No, Dick. You are the one who doesn’t know what I am doing. I know what I’m doing.” The truth of that knowledge is now evident in the printed Word of God in the Choco language.

If you are weighing an impossible call, or struggling in the midst of a long work, then take time to watch Dick Scott’s interview from Connection 2014 and consider that the same God who led this daring Bible translator leads you, too.

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