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Many of us operate in communities where there are language barriers, and some, as missionaries, are serving as the outsiders where they are the exception to the local-language rule. Such cultural barriers can stymie our efforts to evangelize and disciple.If we were operating in the natural realm only, and as solo pioneers, that might be the end of our work. But the kingdom of God has a different dynamic. Where we find a roadblock, God has already made a way. In Anaheim, it was through ministry collaboration with the Hispanic community that breakthrough came.

At Foursquare Connection 2014 in Dallas, Foursquare leaders Jerry Dirmann and Fernando Castillo Sr. were interviewed about the work in which they have partnered to make disciples through the Operation Solid Lives (OSL) program. OSL was developed by Jerry and translated into Spanish to provide principles of discipleship that are cross-cultural, thus facilitating unity between people groups in the city.
This kind of partnership—one that retains biblical truths and allows leaders to translate them into their own languages and congregational cultures—has enfranchised leaders, who have true pastoral authority and pastoral submission to one another. Within this team and congregational setting, there is the multiplication of disciples, leaders and churches—and that is the goal of our kingdom work.
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