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“Leaders do not always make the connection between our personal lives and our leadership,” says clinical psychologist and popular author and speaker Henry Cloud, Ph.D., in this special video presentation. God is crafting us to do His work, and our level of personal growth will determine to what extent we will be fruitful in that calling, he emphasizes.

Renowned psychologist, author and speaker Henry Cloud, Ph.D., says Jesus prayed for His disciples to be united relationally. It is in the abundance of this kind of health that we find our truest purpose and wholeness as leaders.

“The first service of leadership is to take care of the leaders,” he says.

His message is engaging. It is brief enough to stir up great discussion among a church leadership team yet meaty enough to encourage an entirely new perspective on relational health.

“Ecclesiastes calls us to beginnings—and endings,” he tells the audience of leaders during Foursquare Connection 2013 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. “Some of the things you are working on today should come to an end.” In addition, he notes, leaders tend to overwork themselves on projects and ministries that have outlived their usefulness.

Henry Cloud’s message borrows from two of his most popular books, Boundaries for Leaders and Necessary Endings. He asks two pointed questions of leaders:

What steps of courage is God calling you to take?

What do you need to cut out of your life in order to be most effective for God?

Although this brief session will not answer all the questions or address the host of leadership needs in your team or congregation, the tidbits of biblical truth and the principles that are presented will certainly begin a dialog that will press leaders toward health and, ultimately, toward more missional fruitfulness.

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