After more than 10 years as an officer and board member, including roles as vice president and general supervisor, Tammy Dunahoo, D.Min., is resigning her corporate responsibilities to become Foursquare’s director of leader health + development.

While Tammy has most recently been overseeing leadership development and care, her role, as of Sept. 16., will give more bandwidth to better work throughout the organization to help develop priorities, pathways and projects toward a culture of growth among Foursquare leaders. This will be done through engaging and impactful content that is adaptive in approach, and application to a variety of different learning styles, backgrounds and experiences. This “growth culture” will help to see more and growing leaders together on mission throughout the movement.

Tammy will also continue serving and shaping efforts toward more women planting more churches. She will continue to serve Foursquare’s partnership with Life Pacific University, institutes, higher education and key interdenominational relationships.
In this conversation with Randy Remington, Tammy better explains why she wanted to make this transition and her goals in the new role.