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Pablo Pena

Restoration brings healing and freedom. Before I can ever pray for restoration over my community and city, I must experience victory in the restoration happening in my heart and in my life.

The Great Commission comes from a place of victory and restoration. Jesus conquered death and sin. He defeated the cross. He was victorious, and brought restoration to a broken relationship between God and us.

As a result of this victory and this restoration, He commissioned us with something that has really stood out to me as a pastor and leader who wants to see victory and restoration in my city.

From “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore …” (Matt. 28:18-19, NKJV), we can deduce the following:

  • Jesus experienced victory and restoration.
  • Jesus has authority over the natural and supernatural.

For many years, I walked around my city in El Salvador, and prayed for victory and restoration. I live in one of the most dangerous and violent countries in the world, and my city needs all the prayer it can get. Jesus sends us on the Great Commission from a place of personal victory and restoration. Am I, as a leader, experiencing victory and restoration in my personal life?

I was reminded of a funny incident that occurred several years ago. My son was in need of a haircut, and I somehow thought that I could cut his hair, and style it with a comb and razor. It was a really bad idea; after all, I had never cut hair before. So, how did I expect to see my son’s hair in any decent shape?

Needless to say, after my attempt to cut his hair, we had to visit a professional who was somehow able to successfully restore my son’s hair. The incident with the haircut made me wonder if I sometimes expect God to work through me in bringing victory and restoration in my community without allowing Him to first bring victory and restoration in me.

I have realized through time that victory and restoration must happen in me before it can occur through me. I will never understand how badly my community needs to experience His restoration unless I understand how desperately I need to experience His restoration and victory daily in my own life.

Are you as a leader actively experiencing victory and restoration in your personal life? The restoration and victory that you experience through God in your own life will be the vision for the restoration and victory that God wants to do through you in your ministry, community and city.

Jesus declares authority over heaven and earth; He declares that the work of the supernatural can take place in the natural world. Supernatural restoration brings healing, redemption and life to things that were thought dead. I dare you to allow God to work in you so that He may also work through you in a supernatural way, which will change your community, city and nation.

 Prayer Points

  • Ask God to show you what areas of your life that you are experiencing victory and restoration today.
  • Ask God what victories and restoration does He want to bring through you into your community and your city.

Share your thoughts. See comments below, and add your own.

and his wife, Alma, serve as pastors and leaders in El Salvador with Foursquare Missions International.