Angelia Waite
Angelia Waite

The church is experiencing theological anemia. Tired and weak, we have moved away from our original purpose. Jesus did not follow a “vanilla” path of Judaism. He was a rebel, never fitting into religious circles, and instead focusing on the disenfranchised (Mark 2:15-17). So, how have we, the church, become so selective, exclusive and monochromatic?

Lisa stood on the corner by a liquor store near our church. A prostitute with a broken jaw from being beaten, she walked up the hill and begged for food. Although she was afraid of being turned away, Lisa had heard about Jesus as a child, and when she was at her lowest—hungry and hurting—she remembered Him.

Have we become afraid that the Lisas in our communities will show up at church and attempt to mingle in our Sunday morning services? How have we moved away from theological truth in search of our own comfort?

Friends, let’s not be weak in our theology. Let’s seek out the ones whom Jesus sought: the gay, the straight, the addicted, the prostitute, the church lady, the broken, the hungry—you and me. Everyone deserves to hear the Truth. Let’s take the risk and move away from the vanilla path of pursuit, as Jesus did.

Prayer + Reflection

1. Ask the Lord to make your theology strong. Focus on praying in His words from Scripture.

2. Pray that you will cultivate a spirit of inclusion, compassion and commitment when you share the gospel with others.

3. Ask God to give you a deep agape love for all people, even those around whom you feel uncomfortable.

4. Let’s join in prayer for our new president of The Foursquare Church, Randy Remington, and his wife, Sandy. Ask the Lord to cover them with His love, to grant them wisdom and a fresh vision, and to strengthen and unite our new leadership.

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is an associate pastor at Restoration Church (Huntsville Foursquare Church) in Madison, Ala.