The Foursquare Board of Directors passed a resolution regarding the operation of all K-12 schools associated with Foursquare Churches. This resolution was prayerfully considered with the intent to encourage the development of our schools and to ensure they are all on a path towards greater improvement.

THE NEW POLICY:  The newly adopted policy requires all schools sponsored by Foursquare churches to be accredited by approved agencies. This means that your school will need to evaluate its accreditation status and, if it is not already engaged in the accreditation process with an approved agency, it will need to initiate that process in a timely manner.

HOW DOES THIS AFFECT US: Existing schools will have two years to establish what is considered, “candidate accreditation status,” and four years to become fully accredited. With the help of an outside consultant, we have researched various accrediting agencies and identified several that offer our schools the maximum benefits. These agencies include:

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