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The match has been struck, the spark has kindled and soon will be blazing brightly as Foursquare Ignite puts 2 Timothy 1:7 into action, fanning into flame the gifts God has imparted to the next generation.

The fulfillment of a dream God gave Dr. Mike Larkin seven years ago, Foursquare Ignite is a training program housed on the campus of Life Pacific College, intended for recent high-school grads who are passionate for Christ, ministry and global missions. Forty-two young men and women representing 12 of the 14 new Foursquare districts comprise the inaugural group of Foursquare Igniters. On January 10, they moved onto the LPC campus to begin the first half of the two-semester program. Over the next few months, they will complete college-level coursework, take part in outreach ministry and be personally discipled in a small-group setting. Each semester will culminate with a missions trip.

“This is a great group of young people,” Dr. Larkin said. “They are fired up and excited! And the partnership we have with LPC is amazing.”

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