Update on Ukraine

The U.S. Foursquare Church, together with Foursquare Disaster Relief and Foursquare Missions International (FMI), continues to stay in touch with our churches on the ground in Ukraine and Russia, as well as nearby countries receiving refugees. We will be providing regular updates on how our local leaders and congregations can help in tangible ways.

FMI workers and Foursquare churches in Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Croatia are already responding to refugees; we expect additional nations will open their borders to refugees as well. Thousands of Ukrainians have already fled the country; millions will be displaced by this war.

The Foursquare Church, together with Foursquare Disaster Relief, is already responding to the humanitarian crisis caused by Russia’s war against Ukraine. But we need your help.

How you can pray today

  • Pray for the families that are being separated. Women and children are allowed to leave Ukraine. Men ages 18-60 are not allowed to leave; they are staying to defend their nation.
  • Pray for Foursquare Ukraine as they minister to the needs of their nation. We have 32 churches, a ministry training institute, drug and alcohol rehab ministries, as well as orphanages.
  • Pray for Foursquare Russia as they stand for righteousness. Pray the Lord will protect our churches and our Foursquare national leader as he stands in unity with the global Foursquare church.
  • Pray for our Foursquare family in Russia, as they are among those suffering the consequences of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

How you can give

“Ukraine is a nation of 44 million people, many of whom are being displaced from their homes and nation because of this terrible war,” notes Emily Plater, Foursquare’s director of shared mission. “The need is overwhelming, almost endless. Our prayer is that each of us will give generously trusting that God will multiply what is given to assist the refugees forced from their homes and to support our Foursquare family in Europe.”

Your donation to Foursquare Disaster Relief will go into the practical relief efforts, working through Foursquare churches in Europe. Our Foursquare people are already buying food and life-saving essentials, as well as providing emergency housing. We want to help them do more.

These efforts include assisting those still in Russia. Foursquare will provide food, personal hygiene supplies, and much needed assistance, working directly through our Foursquare churches in Russia.

Partner with Foursquare Disaster Relief.

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