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There is something awe-inspiring about the transforming power of the Holy Spirit poured out on groups of people.

That power, in turn, spreads in revolutionary ways across communities and cities, as described in the Book of Acts.

Over and over, we see the people of God sharing meals, healing the sick, relinquishing resources for the poor and proclaiming the power of the gospel—so much so that in Acts 17:6, the Jews in their envy declared: “These who have turned the world upside down have come here too” (NKJV).  The gospel message was, and still is, a disruptive force.

At times, ministry can feel stale and routine. It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday minutiae. However, when I see ordinary people, armed with the inspiration of the Spirit, breathing life into their everyday spaces, and pouring out the goodness and glory of God onto their neighbors, I am brought to tears.

Those early church planters were armed with far fewer resources than we in the modern era have, yet they were explosive, turning their communities upside down not only spiritually, but also economically, politically and socially.

Let us pray that we will do the same.

This Week’s Prayer Focus [5 in 5]

Personal Prayer

1. Pray that the Lord would give our movement a new wave of explosive, transforming power in the Holy Spirit.

2. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give you fresh eyes for your neighbors and community.

3. Pray for encouragement and renewed strength for church planters across the globe.

Foursquare Focus

4. Ask God to show Foursquare churches the nations He’s calling them to reach, whether they be at the ends of the earth, or the end of the block. Help us to be the hands and feet of Christ in our communities.

5. Pray that God would mobilize us to cross ethnic and cultural barriers at home and abroad as we share His gospel message.

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is the church planting and licensing coordinator of the Northwest District of The Foursquare Church.