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Earlier this year, I was able to attend the annual national convention of The Foursquare Church in Honduras. I could sense a strong presence of the Lord from the moment I stepped out of the car.

I sensed His presence in the people’s smiles and in their passion, hospitality, generosity, kindness and excitement. Their faces reflected a joy that I could only describe as the joy I feel when I obtain something for which I’ve waited a very long time.

Once the music started, God’s presence became so real that is was almost tangible. People were singing, crying, jumping, dancing and celebrating His presence. Then the time for preaching came, and God’s anointing fell over everyone. During the altar call, no one remained in his or her seat—hundreds responded, coming forward to praise and worship. I soon lost all track of time.

By the end of the convention, I realized something very important. I experienced in one weekend what Honduran churches have enjoyed for years, and that is true revival.

I thought I knew what revival was, but I really did not. Of course, I knew many definitions of revival, but now I’ve experienced it. What I experienced in Honduras was a true revival.

I also learned there is no formula for revival—no magic words, no books to read, no mathematical formula, nor are there special prayers. I learned that for revival to take place, some things must happen first.

A true revival does not come after one night of good music and preaching in a church meeting. The people I saw and met with in Honduras were already filled with His presence when they showed up there. They were prepared to give all they had to God.

I firmly believe God let me go to Honduras to open my eyes so that I would see true revival. I was blind to this phenomenon. Revival is happening in Honduras—people are healed, saved by the hundreds, and churches are opening left and right. God is moving in that nation, and the Foursquare churches are covering the country with the gospel.

If we want to see this in the United States, we need to stop waiting for revival and instead be revival.

God has opened my eyes so I can be a witness to all churches praying for revival. I can let them know that revival has come to our sister churches in Honduras, and that we need to be as willing and as open to it as the beautiful people in that nation are.

These people waited a whole year to come together and celebrate. They did not come asking for revival; revival was in their hearts, in their actions, and in their spirits. Revival was a part of their lives before the convention.

Now that God has opened up my eyes to true revival, I know it is possible. It is possible in your lifetime and in your church. You must understand, though, that revival must first occur in your heart.

By: Luis Ramirez, divisional superintendent of the South Georgia/Hispanic division in the Southeast District, and senior pastor of Warner Robins Hispanic Foursquare Church in Warner Robins, Ga., along with his wife and co-pastor, Yolanda.

is a member of the Foursquare National Hispanic Commission and co-pastor of Iglesia Cristiana Remanso de Paz (Warner Robins Hispanic Foursquare Church) in Warner Robins, Ga.