Three Key Executive and Personnel Announcements

Personnel announcements for the L.A. vice presidents, ARCs and the National Youth Director.

This article is archived. Some links and details throughout the article may no longer be active or accurate.

1. Introducing your L.A. team of vice-presidents

I am pleased to announce that our international board has accepted my proposal that we move from a vice president to an executive team of vice presidents serving our movement. Our legal counsel has advised that we are not inconsistent with our bylaws to make these appointments now. Our bylaws have wisely been written to enable the board to provide for interim leadership should anything happen to the president, and nothing of this structure reduces or alters that provision. Still, this structure will be brought to the convention body for confirmation this spring.

Accordingly, please let me present the executive team:

  • Glenn Burris vice president, general supervisor of national church office
  • Mike Larkin vice president, director of global operations and missions
  • Jim Scott vice president, chief operations officer
  • Arthur Gray vice president, director of urban and multicultural ministries
  • Sterling Brackett vice president, corporate secretary-treasurer
  • Jeffrey Bird, vice president, chief financial officer*

* As our bylaws propose that only Foursquare members may serve as an officer of the corporation, Jeffrey Bird serves at a vice-presidential level of duty, but is not an officer and is accountable to the treasurer’s office.

2. Introducing your administrative resource centers

In partnership with the general supervisor and our national church office, as well as with our regional administrators, Gary Craig (Charlotte), Herb Schneidau (Colorado Springs), and Dan Ussery (La Crescenta), we are instituting a new designation for the regional offices, previously termed regional administrative centers (RACs). Effective January 1, these offices will be called administrative resource centers (ARCs), a new designation that reflects a broadened mission. The role of this part of our church’s support team will be gradually expanding to provide additional services and resources for each region’s churches and leaders. By convention ’05, an introductory presentation will be made of ways in which our ARCs will be expanding our efforts to equip both your and our ministry.

Note: Permit a presidential side comment, please: I sure like “ARC”! By definition, an arc is “a luminous charge that leaps to connect two points.” It strikes me as more meaningful than “RAC,” a term that often prompted the feeling that the servant-hearted teams working in these offices deserved better than a label that sounded more like a medieval torture chamber than a ministry-assisting location. Thank the Lord for these people. They love all of you, believe me! Let’s love them back!

3. Introducing your new national youth director

Giving rise to growing opportunities for ministry among our youth and emerging leaders, the national church office in Los Angeles announces the appointment of James Craft as national youth director, beginning January 1, 2005. James will also continue to serve as youth pastor at East Bay Fellowship, the Danville, California, Foursquare Church. This field-based role will focus on reaching youth across the nation with discipleship as a key component; connecting, networking, and providing resources for youth leaders—making communication a key tool; and contending for a fresh release of the Holy Spirit’s purpose and plan for youth and their leaders within our Foursquare movement. We wish to thank Walter Hoefflin for outstanding service during the last five years, as he and his family pursue full time pastoral ministry at The Lighthouse–the Garden Grove, Calif., Foursquare Church.

was founded in 1923 as a movement with a message on a mission.

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