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Foursquare leaders have a powerful legacy of passionate intercession dating back to the evangelistic days of our founder and the subsequent birth of the Foursquare movement in 1923. The singular focus of prayer is particularly strong when it is concentrated on the efficacy of reaching people with the love of Jesus Christ. As our Foursquare family faces a pivotal convention in Atlanta in May, the Foursquare board of directors hopes to maximize the power of our unified prayer on behalf of our world, our families and our denomination.

Building on the success of our year-long Pray7Fourteen initiative, inspired by 2 Chronicles 7:14, the board is encouraging our Foursquare family to fast and pray each Wednesday during May in preparation for Foursquare Connection 2010.

“With God’s help we can and will discover wonderful solutions, experience powerful breakthroughs, and savor the much needed presence and peace of the Holy Spirit,” board chairman Ken Swett told

Ken notes that ministers who are unable to attend this year’s convention will be missed, but that the board hopes everyone will join in prayer, whether at home or in Atlanta.

“Ask God to direct our time,” says Ken, “to speak to us prophetically, to help us in all of our discussions and decisions, to draw us closer to Himself and to one another, and to help us leave Atlanta with a greater vision to reach the world for Christ.”

What began in January as a simple invitation to a 24-hour prayer vigil each month through Pray7Fourteen has sparked something in prayer that is making a difference. One recent post on the Pray7Fourteen website gave thanks for God’s healing as a direct answer to a prayer request posted a month earlier. It is clear from reading the posts of the faithful that prayer is a way of life for many of these Christians.

To expand this lifestyle of prayer, and especially in light of the presidential election taking place during this year’s convention, the board saw the need to dedicate a room during Connection 2010 exclusively for intercession. Each day, the 7Fourteen Prayer Room in the Atlanta Hyatt will host times of worship, reflection, praise, brief devotionals and intercession between the hours of 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., as well as following the evening general sessions from 9 to 11 p.m., throughout the convention week.

The 7Fourteen Prayer Room is designed “to reflect the tabernacle of David, where continual prayer and worship was offered on behalf of the nation,” prayer coordinator Tamara Campbell told There will be times of corporate prayer led by national leaders from around the world “because God links our intercession with the course of nations,” Tamara says, citing Isaiah 56:7, 41:15 and Matthew 21:13.

Some of the prayer times will be contemplative, while others will be expressive. Prayer for healing and revival will also be incorporated. Underlying all this prayer is the hope of our board and leaders, expressed well through Tamara’s words, that we would be “united as one body with one Savior to worship one King for the greater release of His glory. This is the Power of One.”

The fast approaching international convention in Atlanta is shaping up to be a very timely and important gathering for our Foursquare family, according to Ken Swett. As we commit to pray and fast each Wednesday leading up to convention, “it gives the board of directors great comfort knowing that our family is praying for these strategic days,” he says.  

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By: Rod Light, an ordained Foursquare minister and educator serving with Foursquare Communications in Los Angeles

was an ordained Foursquare minister, Life Pacific University instructor and freelance writer.