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Earthquakes. Floods. Train crashes.

“Tragedies happen,” says Foursquare Chaplain Ed Donnally. The question is, “What do we do when they happen?”

“Sometimes we’re called to walk with people through the darkest moments of their lives,” Ed says. “Being there, just being there, nothing more, means so much.”

Being with people during crises is a process Ed knows all too well. As a first responder chaplain, he was part of the team who delivered the news to family members that their loved ones had died in a commuter train crash in Southern California in 2008.

In this video, part of The Power of One: Story series produced by The Foursquare Church, Ed shares his personal reflections on what it means to take Christ to people in such devastating circumstances. It’s a compelling and heart-stirring video that will touch every Christian with real-life answers about what it means to stand with people who face personal challenges.

Ed contends that being with people when their world comes crashing down is what Christians are called to do. Whether we minister to victims’ families following a train crash, stand with Haitians as they rebuild their island nation, or support a family in our church who is facing serious illness, Ed is convinced that believers have what it takes to be used of God to bring hope to every person.

The message of the video is that every Christian must be ready to stand with people in love, hope and prayer when they most need a touch from God. Congregations will be inspired by the touching images and the biblical message of hope. Small group leaders will find several themes that will stimulate discussion with youth and adults. The captivating stories demonstrate that lives can be changed in a moment. How we respond as ministers of Jesus Christ can be just as life-changing—if we will be there for people.

Watch the full video to learn more about how one person can make a big impact.


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