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For 20 years Mary Bennett, senior pastor of Linefork Foursquare Church in Linefork, Ky., has shared her home and her faith in Christ with more than 100 children who were shunned by their families. Most of these children are mentally challenged, but Mary says they have all taught her important lessons about life and loving others.

Some of the children have been with Mary for years. Many were able learners and graduated from college, an accomplishment they may never have made without Mary’s influence and guidance in their lives.

Mary’s story inspires each of us to answer the question, “Whom am I called to care for?” Further, she inspires leaders to look around their churches and inquire, “Who are the ‘Marys’ in my church, and how can I help them reach out to others?”

“Every person has value,” Mary contends, and she has spent her life demonstrating that conviction to the world.

The Power of One: Mary, which is part of the Power of One: Story series produced by The Foursquare Church, explains how Mary answered God’s call to give these children life, hope and faith they otherwise would never know.



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