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Tammy Dunahoo

Rev. Tammy Dunahoo, who has served for the past nine months as interim general supervisor of U.S. Foursquare churches, was approved today as the duly appointed general supervisor. The board of directors approved her appointment upon the recommendation of the interim president/president-elect, Glenn Burris Jr.; the district supervisors unanimously supported Tammy’s appointment. Her appointment is effective immediately.

Before her appointment as interim general supervisor, Tammy served as vice president of Women in Leadership Ministry; she had also previously served as director of Foursquare Women, as a district supervisor, as a member of the church health team, the National Church Council and the Foursquare cabinet. For their more than 30 years of marriage and ministry, Tammy and her husband, Gary, have been lead pastors, church planters, associate pastors, district supervisors and district youth directors. Tammy’s accomplishments during the last months have been remarkable, and she quickly won the favor of the supervisors, with whom she served very closely.

Please pray for Tammy as she accepts the invitation to serve in this role for a regular term. The opportunities for The Foursquare Church in the U.S. are tremendous, and we look forward to great fruitfulness as Tammy helps lead us into the future.

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