While the coronavirus and myriad related updates have dominated the news and demanded the attention of people worldwide, Foursquare leaders gathered last week for the movement’s annual cabinet meeting to make plans to lead the denomination into the future.

As a collection of churches who are a part of the diverse worldwide body of Christ, at the heart Foursquare as a whole knows themselves to be more a family than an organization. Yet, even with heartfelt assertions of love and camaraderie, there is always business to be attended to. Whether ministering locally or globally, Foursquare recognizes the importance of handling the “business of ministry” well.

President Glenn Burris Jr. met with cabinet members in March.

Almost 100 leaders from around the Foursquare family came together March 8-11 in Glendale, Calif., to pray, learn, discover and celebrate what God has said, and is saying, to the movement. Even in the midst of what some might call “business meetings,” the cabinet centered themselves on the spiritual. From times of worship and devotional teachings from cabinet members Elwin Ahu and Natalie Werking—to taking time to pray for the Foursquare family, covering each district in a specified time of prayer—it was clear that the first focus was on honoring and attending to the Lord.

The cabinet delved into the expected annual reports, and took time to process and consider important steps for the future. Within these conversations, some important highlights included:

  • Making NextGen ministries a focus/value throughout Foursquare. Reaching the next generation is not optional.
  • Learning from the presidential transition process as Randy Remington and Glenn Burris Jr. shared, and seeing the value of a strong handoff in this season of change.
  • Discussing next steps as more of the tithe is returning to the field and local churches, ensuring that Foursquare is positioned well for a strong financial future.
  • Dedicating the new Aimee Semple McPherson Building and celebrating the major strides taken to reduce expenses to be a more streamlined and agile organization.
  • Hearing from North American Area Missionary Emily Plater on the priority being placed on taking ministry outside our own contexts and empowering leaders.
  • Watching Ted Vail, Tammy Dunahoo and Angie Richey share the exciting synergy developing between FMI, NCO and LPU, and the dynamic and interdependent future that is brewing.
Glenn Burris Jr. worships during the cabinet meeting in Glendale, Calif.

Apart from these conversations, a special time of eldering came from Glenn Burris Jr. as he shared from his heart to impart biblical perspective to each in attendance. Listen to the audio recording here. The cabinet then surrounded Glenn to pray for him and his family, and the season to come, as he was honored for his 11 years of service in the role of president.

In taking time to hear from such a diverse group of leaders, The Foursquare Church continues to prioritize the whole family being on mission together. With that in mind, all Foursquare ministers are encouraged to take the time to review and understand the state of the movement’s U.S. and global ministry by reading through the full reports that have been prepared by various leaders.

Though the days can seem dark and difficult, Foursquare is not slowing down or backing off. The Foursquare family is doing the hard work of stewardship and business together, while sharing Jesus and His message above all.

Review the cabinet 2020 reports

Celebrate all that's been going on in The Foursquare Church during the last year.

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