Steve Mickel

Foursquare President Randy Remington, General Supervisor Wendy Nolasco and the board of directors have announced the appointment of a new supervisor for the Northwest District.

Ordained Minister Steve Mickel will be taking over district leadership from the retiring Dave Edler on July 1, 2023. Steve has been lead pastor of Westside Church (Bend Foursquare Church) in Bend, Ore., since 2013, although in 2021 two co-pastors were also appointed to serve alongside him and Westside’s executive team.

Wendy Nolasco, Foursquare’s vice president and general supervisor, says Steve has the experience and grace to serve the seven-state district specifically for this season. She says he will bring unique contributions to accelerate kingdom mission and expand Foursquare’s presence regionally through local leaders and churches.

“Steve is remarkably gifted, bringing a specific skill set with a global, national and educated perspective,” Wendy states. “He is inviting, inclusive and empowering. Steve’s strengths, coupled with the region’s posture to multiply missional efforts in every town and city, rural and suburban context—including every woman and man released unto mission—will be a force toward the future.”

“I feel humbled and privileged to serve our pastors in this next season and build on the incredible Foursquare legacy of our district,” Steve says. “Collaborating with pastors around our shared mission of more and growing leaders together on mission really excites me. We face many challenges in our culture, and we need each other for encouragement and support.”

“Steve is remarkably gifted, bringing a specific skill set with a global, national and educated perspective. He is inviting, inclusive and empowering.” —Wendy Nolasco, vice president and general supervisor of The Foursquare Church

A longtime Foursquare leader, Steve graduated in 1994 from LIFE Bible College (now Life Pacific University). He later returned and completed a master’s degree in strategic leadership. The following year he and his wife, Suzanne, planted Sisters Foursquare Church (Wellhouse Church, Inc.) in Sisters, Ore. After six years there, the Mickels went to the mission field in Croatia before returning to Oregon in 2007.

Married for 30 years, the couple has four sons (Chase, Hudson, Kincade and Spencer). In 2016, Chase died in a single-car accident, which prompted Steve to write Walking in the Dark. The book chronicles his journey of learning to trust God again after this tragedy.

Steve loves spending time with his family, riding his motorcycle and enjoying the outdoors. Even when going through hardships like those the Mickel family faced, Steve continues encouraging people to connect with Jesus in meaningful and purpose-filled ways.

Outgoing Supervisor Dave Edler had been appointed to that position in August 2021 after serving as interim supervisor. His many leadership responsibilities in Foursquare include serving as area pastor and on the board of directors, as well as the cabinet, the missions committee and the district council.

Dave and his wife, Susie, live in Yakima, Wash., where Dave was formerly senior pastor of Yakima Foursquare Church. They transitioned the church to son Jacob and daughter-in-law Chantal in 2019.

Wendy notes that Dave has been an elder statesman and “way-maker” for the Foursquare family.

“As one of the most attentive listeners you will ever encounter, Dave’s capacity to contextualize vision and culture to come up and under the Northwest District has been stellar in every way,” she affirms. “We are ever grateful for Dave’s ‘yes.’”

“It’s time to pass the baton,” says Dave, who had a “great time” serving as district supervisor. “I will so miss being a part of the Northwest District team and working with such gifted and committed leaders. I know the future is in good hands with Steve. God is always taking us to higher ground, and the next season in the district is going to be incredible!”

is a freelance writer and book editor in Huntington, W.Va.