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Saul had a well-laid plan to persecute Christians and bring them bound to Jerusalem—but God had a different plan.

The narrative in Acts 9 describes the encounter between Saul and Jesus Christ (see Acts 9:3), in which the brightness of the light of Christ surrounded Saul and made him fall to the ground. It wasn't only Saul's physical body that hit the ground—so did his plans and his belief system. His whole life fell to the ground, being struck by the glorious light of the truth incarnate: Jesus Christ. 

Saul finally arrived in Damascus, but in a very different way than he had planned. He was going to break others, but instead he was broken. He was going to watch others, but instead he was blinded. He was going to bring death, but instead he received Life, Jesus Himself. Saul searched to find something, but instead was found by God.

The people Saul intended to attack helped heal him and protect him (see Acts 9:17, 25), and he ended up boldly and passionately proclaiming the Name he had tried to eliminate and walking the Way he had tried to destroy. 

I don’t know about you, but for me, that is quite a change of plans!

We all have our Damascus, our plans and our agendas. Our plans are perhaps not as violent as Saul's, but they are still based on what we believe and look forward to achieving. Often we think these plans are the best we can do to "help" God do His work on Earth. 

When reading Acts 9, I can only pray and ask God that in my road to Damascus I also may be intercepted by His Son, captivated by His glory, challenged by His truth and clothed with His Spirit. I pray that my schedule and my plans will be forever altered by His wisdom, prompting me to proclaim the name of Jesus with passion and courage wherever I am.

Guillermo Puppo is administrative assistant to Ted Vail, one of Foursquare Missions International's Associate Directors.

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