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Windy Veach faithfully serves her local Foursquare church and supports her husband, David, in his appointment as supervisor of the Northwest District. But her passion for ministry has another side, too—feeding a lifelong passion to teach children and work within the education system.

As a second grade teacher for a low-income public school, Blix Elementary School in East Tacoma, Wash., she finds ways to minister to others in a similar teaching role.

What drew you to teaching?

I always wanted to be a teacher, and my high school implemented a program where I would go to the local grade school and help a teacher. That experience really fed and sealed my lifelong desire to be a teacher.

How has your local Foursquare church supported you?

Jon and Wendy McIntosh of Grace Church (Federal Way North Foursquare Church) work amazingly with elementary schools in Federal Way, Wash. At the very end of giving out supplies to their schools, they let me come and glean. I’ve gotten scissors, glue sticks, highlighters and countless supplies that many of my students can’t afford. Jon and Wendy’s thoughtfulness and generosity have been a huge blessing.

How can church leaders support church members sent into teaching?

I’ll go back to what the McIntoshes have done. As a church, they adopted several public schools. Ultimately, it’s about children who need supplies, support and, most of all, volunteers. I would love to see our churches adopt schools and be their superpower, their hero.

What advice would you give to those sent to teaching?

Surround yourself with people who are going to rally for you. It’s rewarding but hard work, and you need a great support system, whether it’s family, friends or other teachers.

is a freelance writer living in Colorado Springs, Colo.