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It was an amazing night of prayer and anointing at Angelus Temple last week. Hundreds of young people filled the aisles making their way to the altar where they prayed and wept before the Lord. These young people were responding to the call of God and were offering their lives to reach the nations of the world. Pastor Matthew Barnett had invited me to speak that night and we were thankful for what God did. Our hearts were full of gratitude to observe the Holy Spirit raising up this generation of world changers.

As I watched the scene before us that night, I reflected on a similar occasion years ago when Dr. Harold Helms prayed over Beth and me right there at that same altar! He and the church blessed us as we were being sent to Brazil where we served the Foursquare family for over 20 years. Just as our lives were changed and commissioned so long ago, I was now praying for this new generation—hundreds of them filling the altar that night. I prayed that many more would join the thousands of others who have been commissioned from that very altar over the past 87 years. The Holy Spirit was at work and it was a precious reminder to me that:

  • More than ever before, incredible doors around the world are open to people both young and old. The Lord reminds us that He is calling all of us to respond to new opportunities. These doors are open to all those who are willing to obey, prepare and step out in service somewhere unfamiliar and different. The Holy Spirit is inviting this generation to touch the nations.
  • The Lord is reminding us that one person’s ability to go and touch the furthest nation begins with the closest opportunity. Pastor Matthew and I discussed the many opportunities within their church for growth and preparation. I have heard the phrase, “life is local,” and I don’t know of many places with more opportunities for young missionaries to be raised up than the inner city of Los Angeles.

I could not help but tear up at the scene that night in Angelus Temple, and also as I reflected on the memory almost two decades ago when Dr. Helms prayed for Beth and me. And, I couldn’t help but pray ever more fervently, “LORD SEND THOUSANDS MORE mighty men and women as laborers into your harvest!” He continues to invite. I pray you and I will say yes to the closest opportunity. It could be the first step of obedience in our going and touching the remotest people in the world.

Jonathan Hall is the director of Foursquare Missions International

is the global development and international projects coordinator for Foursquare Missions International and an ordained minister in The Foursquare Church.