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Roberta Semple Salter, daughter of Robert and Aimee Semple (later became Aimee Semple McPherson), passed away on Thursday, Jan. 25, from natural causes. She was 96 years old. Roberta Star Semple was born in Hong Kong in 1910, just after her father died; she was named Roberta after her father, and Star because her birth brightened the life of her newly widowed mother. Roberta was married to late musician and producer of the television show “Name That Tune,” Harry Salter; she is survived by their daughter, Victoria; two grandchildren and several great-grandchildren; one brother, Rolf K. McPherson (wife Evangeline).

Although active in Angelus Temple in her younger years, after her move to New York and her marriage, Mrs. Salter was not active in the church but continued to support The Foursquare Church financially and occasionally attended international conventions. She was an enthusiastic supporter for her brother, Dr. Rolf K. McPherson, who served as the church’s president for 44 years. In a 1971 interview, Mrs. Salter stated, “If I had stayed, I might not have been the strong leader my brother is.”

Mrs. Salter’s private memorial service will be Saturday, Feb. 3, in New York. In lieu of flowers, the family is asking that donations be made to the following human service organization:

        Goddard Riverside Community Center
        ATTN: Development Office
        593 Columbus Ave.
        New York, NY 10024

Checks should be marked “in memory of Roberta Semple Salter.”

Cards may be sent to either Ms. Victoria Salter or Dr. Rolf K. McPherson in care of the heritage department of The Foursquare Church. Cards will be forwarded to the families.

        The Foursquare Church
        Heritage Department
        PO Box 26902
        Los Angeles, CA 90026

Please pray for the McPherson and Salter families during their time of loss.

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